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Chairman's Message

Dear all,

We are glad to introduce our company through our newly developed website. Saleh Al-Saleh Co. W.L.L. is a family owned business established in 1935 and is one of the oldest and most respected companies in the import and distribution of foodstuffs in Bahrain. Our Company will celebrate its 75th year of establishment in 2010, and we are extremely proud of the success and growth the Company has achieved.

We have achieved and maintained this success through the hard work and loyalty of our employees, who have superior knowledge and experience in this industry, and have been dependable in producing results. We thank them for their continued efforts and we express our sincere gratitude to them.

Our growth and success is also attributed to the strong relationship we have established with our community whom we have the deepest appreciation for and extend our continued commitment for its prosperity. Furthermore, our development is accredited to the mutual trust and cooperation we have established with our customers and suppliers. We value the trust they bestowed upon us, and we aim to continue contributing to their success.

The marketplace continues to present opportunities and challenges. We intend to seize these opportunities and face the challenges by continually improving ourselves and maintaining the best practices and principles we have held so far. Competitive pricing, lead-time, customer service, in-depth research and understanding of markets and products, strong associations with partners, and ethical practices are the attributes we believe will enable us to preserve our competitive edge.

We at Saleh Al-Saleh Co. W.L.L. take pleasure in doing business in the food industry, and we hope to continue serving our customers and the local market’s needs whilst expanding our reach.


Yusuf AlSaleh
Chairman and Managing Director
Saleh Al-Saleh Co. W.L.L.